Is your computer running slow or just grinding to a halt? Don’t worry the PC Surgeon is here to help. We can help with all types of computers, desktops, laptops and all in ones PC’s. We Support Apple, Windows and even Linux systems.

Are you having these symptoms?

  • The computer is running slow and getting slower;
  • The computer is overheating;
  • Are you using out of date or unsupported software?;
  • The computer take a long time to boot (start-up) or shut down;
  • You have a lot of programs installed and running in the background;
  • You see pop ups that state there are hardware or driver conflicts;
  • Windows, Apple or Linux updates did not properly install or crashed during updates;
  • The computer was doing updates before it stopped working;
  • Programs frequently lock up and respond slowly when clicking;
  • The computer crashes, shows a blue screen (BSOD) and or an error message;
  • The computer is infected with viruses and malware

The Diagnosis

If you have answered “yes” to any of the above symptoms, then it seems that your computer may be running slow, possibly weighed down by bloatware, viruses or the operating system could be damaged due to improper updates.

However, if it’s not listed above or you have something specific you would like help with, then don’t worry we may still be able to help, just give us a call on 020 7998 0104 or on 07983749829 inc WhatsApp.

What to do next?

It would be best that you stop using the computer and turn it off, otherwise you could cause more damage or even lose your data.

But don’t worry the PC Surgeon is here to help, just book an appointment, pop in to our store with your computer and we will do the rest.

It’s always FREE for use to have an initial look!