We offer comprehensive business tech support services for all Apple, Windows, Android and Linux devices. In store, on site and over the phone. All our services are bespoke and tailored to meet your business’s needs. Get in touch today for more information.

Areas where we can help?

  • Devices not working properly;
  • Devices running slow or getting slower;
  • Device start up issues;
  • Device sync issues;
  • Overheating issues;
  • Data recovery;
  • Devices and software EOL (end of life) or no longer supported;
  • Out of warranty repairs;
  • Systems refurbishment and overhaul;
  • Cyber security, virus and malware issues

What to do next

These are just some of the topics we cover, however we can completely tailor the service to your needs, just give us a call on 020 7998 0104 or on 07983749829 inc WhatsApp.