Our Pre-paid

Tech Support Plans (Home Users)

Our pre-paid tech support plan is very simple, just pick a plan and enjoy all its benefits for 12 months.

Ideal for users who need a little hand throughout the year, each ticket is valid for 30 min sessions and can be used either in store, over the phone or via remote support. Furthermore all customers get to enjoy discounts up to 20% off services, fast track services and exclusive deals, promos and offers throughout the year.

Read below for more information and details on how this service works or book an appointment to talk to one of our Surgeons.

3 Support Tickets
10% of all services (labour only)
Windows, Apple & Android devices supported
5 Support Tickets
15% of all services (labour only)
Windows, Apple & Android devices supported
7 Support Tickets
20% of all services (labour only)
Windows, Apple & Android devices supported

About our

Tech Support Plans

Contact us today on 020 7998 0104 or book an appointment for more details on our tech support plans!
1.Choose one of our plans.
2.Redeem a ticket, just simply book an appointment.
3.Get your problem solved.
4.Enjoy all the benefits of the plan.
Additional to The PC Surgeon terms and conditions:
  • Only a single ticket to be used per appointment/booking.
  • Each ticket is valid for 30 min, after this time additional required time will need to be bought.
  • The PC Surgeon can refuse to redeem tickets at any time, but discounts will be valid.
  • Call outs are not included.
  • All tickets are valid for 1 year, unused tickets cannot be transferred or refunded or rollover.
  • Once a ticket plan is bought it cannot be refunded or cancelled.
  • All discounts are valid for 12 months on all standard services (labour only).
  • Tickets are valid ONLY for in store, remote and over the phone/WhatsApp support.
Other charges:
  • Call outs are £75/hr.
  • Adhoc/custom work/support in store £60/hr.
  • Additional 30 min support £35.

Opening Hours

Mon-Sat 10:00-18:00

WhatsApp (8am-8pm Daily)

07983 749829


020 7998 0104